Our halls offer very flexible spaces to cater for a wide variety of activities and groups. Our rates are very reasonable and include power, heating and cleaning (may be subject to a deposit for some events).

Hughenden Valley Village Hall hire rates for 2020

Hourly Rates Hall

Morning & afternoon large 12.75
Evening large 13.75
Morning & afternoon small 10.50
Evening small 11.75

Party Rates Small Hall                 Large Hall

4 Hours 57.25                                4 Hours 83.00
6 Hours 75.00                                6 Hours 109.00
8 Hours 99.00                                8 Hours 135.25
6pm to 10pm 88.50                      6pm to 10pm 135.25
6pm to 12pm 125.00                    6pm to 12pm 198.00

Committee Rooms
The committee rooms per session rate 13.00
(morning, afternoon or evening)

Call us on 07815 163 269 to find out more.

Conditions of Hire

The hall is available to hire provided users accept the conditions of hire. These will be provided at the time of booking.


The halls can be hired by the day or part there of and as such the tariff is set depending on the type of event, which hall is required and the time and date of the event. To find out more Call us on 07815 163 269