FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Please click on the questions below. If you have a question not listed here please contact us and we’ll reply as soon as we can.


How do I book the halls? »
You can book the halls by using the online form to request a booking or by phoning our Booking Secretary on 07815163269.

What is the cost? »
The cost varied depending on the time and day of the booking and the type of event you are hosting. Please contact our booking secretary on 07815163269 for competitive rates. . Please note that on large events there may be a deposit required of up to £200.

How many people can the halls hold? »
We carry out annual health and safety inspections and keep aligned with current legislation of fire evacuation procedures. At these time we double check the numbers that the halls can hold safely.
At this time the large hall can hold:
• Main Hall:
– Standing: 440 people (132 sq m / .3 = 440)
– Seated: 264 (132 sq m / .5 = 264)
• Small Hall:
– Standing: 270 (81 sq m / .3 = 270)
– Seated: 162 (81 sq m / .5 = 162)
• However, depending on the layout of the tables and dance floor these numbers can be drastically reduced. Please speak with our Booking Secretary who will advise on the layout and numbers. They can be contacted on Main Hall:
– Standing: 440 people (132 sq m / .3 = 440)
– Seated: 264 (132 sq m / .5 = 264)
• Small Hall:
– Standing: 270 (81 sq m / .3 = 270)
– Seated: 162 (81 sq m / .5 = 162)

Do you have disabled access and toilets? »
Yes both halls have access for disabled visitors and we comply with current legislation regarding access for the disabled.

Can minors under the age of 18 hire the hall? »
No, the hire agreement has to be signed by an over 18 year old and we would insist on a responsible adult (or more) be present during the hire period.

Can I hire the playing fields? »
The playing fields are open to the public and therefore any event needs to be planned carefully. Marquees have been erected for weddings and dances, so it is possible to arrange something. However, public safety and access to the remainder of the field would be a key concern. Speak with our Booking Secretary on 07815163269 and they will help.

How late can I book the hall for? »
The hall is located near to residential areas so regardless of your event or time was request that you be mindful of the neighbours. The hall can be booked until midnight.

What is included in my booking? »
All the facilities within the hall that you have booked are available to you. In the large hall you have access to the kitchens, the stage, the mics and the audio system. Chairs and tables are also available as well as cutlery and cups saucers and plates.
The small hall has a small kitchen with crockery available. Both halls have toilets with disabled access. Please let our Booking Secreatary know what your requirements are when you book and she will make sure that the equipment is available.

Do I have to pay a deposit? »
Large events do require a deposit of £200 prior to the booking being confirmed. Our Booking Secreatary will be able to advice on which events require a deposit. They can be contacted on 07815163269 or use the online booking form.

Do you have smaller meeting rooms for hire? »
Yes, there are small meeting rooms for hire, but their use is limited during the day due to a local pre-school. If you would like to book an evening meeting room, please contact our Booking Secretary on 07815163269 or complete the online form.

Do I have to live in the village? »
No you do not have to live in the village to book the halls. Many of our booking are made with organisations outside of the village. The halls are popular with bigger groups as you have the option to hire both the large and small hall together.

Do I get priority bookings if I live in the village? »
If there was a situation where a booking request was made at the same time as another, the person living in the village would get priority, however this is rare. We would not cancel a confirmed booking for someone else, regardless of whether they lived in the village or not.

Can we use our own caterers for food? »
Yes we would encourage you to use external caterers for large events in the hall. If you have a good experience please let us know so that we can also recommend them. We our available on 07815 163 269.

Can I book the hall for more than one day in a row? »
If the hall is available, it is possible to book the hall for an extended period of time. The cost of such booking would be negotiated at the time of booking. Please complete the online form or speak with our Booking Secretary on 07815 163 269.

Can we use the stage during our booking? »

The large hall has a stage which you are welcome to use during your hire. All we ask is that you remember to leave it in the same state (or better) than you find it.

Do I get a discount for being a charity or local group? »
The village hall is also a charity and the income from our hiring does not cover the running cost of the hall. We are reliant on fund raising to maintain a healthy surplus to maintain the hall and therefore we are unable to offer discounts.

How do I arrange a viewing of the halls? »
You can arrange a viewing of the halls by contacting our Booking Secretary on 07815163269. We would request that during the school term time you’re viewing is arranged after 6pm due to the pre-school children being present.

License and Liability Details

Do you have an alcohol licence? »
No, but if you want to serve alcohol during your event we can arrange for a local publican to speak with you who can arrange for a bar to be available at an agreed cost. You could also arrange for your own alcohol licence for the event but the licence holder must be on the premises during the bar opening times.

Do I need an entertainment licence? »
The hall has an entertainment licence for music and general events and most bookings would be covered under this licence. However, if you plan to show films or other copyright material, you would need the appropriate licence for this type of event.

What insurance do I need? »
The management committee has insured the hall so that most foreseeable events are insured by the halls insurance. However, if you believe you event has a higher risk that normal of causing injury please let us know in plenty of time so that we can check with our insurers?

Do we have to pay for breakages? »
Yes we would expect you to pay for all damages and breakages that occur during your booking. Please speak with the booking secretary as soon as possible after your booking so that we can repair/replace the items prior to the next booking.

Who is responsible for Health and Safety during my booking? »
The short answer is the person that booked the hall and signed the terms of hire document. The Hall committee undertake regular inspections to ensure we comply with the Health and Safety acts, but during your hire period you should first carry out a risk assessment of your own and ensure you know how to evacuate the building in an emergency.

Who is responsible for the insurance and public liability during my booking? »
The hall has insurance for the usually types of bookings you would expect in a community hall. If your event is likely to cause injury or is different in anyway, please contact the booking secretary so that we can check the insurance. The public liability insurance covers only the committee and trustees. We recommend you arrange your own public liability insurance during your hire period. Note most household insurance policies cover public liability. Please check with your insurer. Any questions please contact us on 07815163269.

Using the Halls

How do I use the kitchen equipment? »
All the equipment in the kitchen has the instructions attached to the device or laminated copies are located within the kitchen draws. In addition to this, look out for our online videos demonstrating how to use the equipment.

How do I gain access to the halls for my event? »
Once you booking is confirmed and you have signed the terms of hire forms, we will arrange a time and place for you to collect the keys. The large hall is operated by an electronic key fob whilst the small hall currently has a traditional key. We ask that you return the keys to us as soon as possible after your event. We are available on 07815 163 269.

What do I do with my rubbish? »
Bins are provided for you to leave your rubbish at the hall after your event. The bins are currently located to the rear of the halls by the garage. All we ask is that you inform us if the bins are full or overflowing so that a collection can be arrange prior to the next event. We can be contact on 07815 163 269.

Is there plenty of parking? »
Yes there is plenty of parking at the halls. However on popular events or when there are two or more events happening at the same time, the car park does become busy. For large events we can arrange an overspill carpark in a nearby car park. If you have any concerns about parking, please encourage visitors to car share and let us know so that we can advise you. We are available on 07815 163 269.

Do I have access to AV and presentation equipment? »
Currently the large hall is limited to Mics and an input jack for a music system. The hall is planning to upgrade this system, but in the meantime we suggest you arrange the hire of your own equipment for your event. Please ensure you arrange your own insurance cover for the equipment, it is safe to use and a health and safety risk assessment is performed by yourselves when using your own equipment.

Do you have WiFi? »
Currently the Halls have Wifi.

Where would I find the cleaning equipment? »
In the large hall the cleaning equipment is located in a small room within the committee room which can be found behind the stage. In the small hall the cleaning equipment is located in a cupboard within the kitchen.

How do I control the heating? »
The heating is programmed to be on during the normal booking hours for the hall. However, should you be required to switch the heating on:
In the large hall there is a large green button in the corridor to the kitchen that will extend the heating for another hour.
In the small hall, in the corridor to the toilets there is a large green button in the corridor to the kitchen that will extend the heating for another hour.

Can I use tape to secure wires to the floor/walls? »
No, the floor is highly polished and tape damages the finish to the floor. The repair to the floor is a very expensive task so we would request that you refrain from using anything that could damage or mark the floor and walls.


Can we park at the hall if we do not have a booking? »
Due to the popularity of the hall and local shop we would request that you do not park in the car park unless you are a hall user. Although we have a large car park, it does become extremely busy at times.

Who else can access the hall during my booking? »
While you have the hall only the officers of the committee (or the emergency services) have access to the hall. If you have hired the large hall there is a possibility that the committee meeting room is also booked. We will advise you of this prior to your booking.

How does the hall use the money it raises from booking? »
All surplus monies go towards the upkeep of the halls and the surrounding fields. We rely heavily on fundraising to ensure a health surplus which helps us keep the hire charges as low as possible. Currently the hire charges do not cover the cost of running the hall..

How is the hall managed? »
The hall is run by a management committee of volunteers, officers and trustees. As we are a charity we are governed by the Charity Commission. The fields are also governed by the Fields in Trust organisation. The committee is responsible for ensuring the continued running and development of the halls and fields in line with current legislation determined by the above organisations.

What routine events are held in the hall? »
During the day both halls are accommodated by the local pre-school and weekly Art club. Weekday evening, the hall hosts Beavers, Badminton, Keep fit classes, Pilates to name a few. For an up to date list, the website is the best place to visit.
How do I find out about events at the hall?
The local notice boards and hall website is the best place to find out about events at the hall.

Can I store my equipment in the hall for my routine booking? »
No, the hall does has limited storage and we would ask you to take your equipment away with you. In addition, our insurance would not cover any hirer’s equipment should it be lost or stolen.