Documents relating to the running of the village hall have to be available for everyone to view. We are happy to provide these below. If you have any queries please contact us and we will answer as soon as we can.

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Committee Members
Chairman Michael Sole
Secretary Clive Webb
Treasurer Jonathan Hilder
Bookings Secretary Christine Powell
Daryll Beckwith
Charity Commission Trustees
Diana Gibbons  
Michael Sole Vicky Bellamy
Roland Wales TBC
 Derek Ransom
Organisation/Association Representatives
Multiple Sclerosis Judy Biggs
Art Group Jill Graves
Residents’ Assoc Angus Idle
Football Club Neil Bellamy
HAGA Andrew Flint
Valley Friends Joan Steel
Community Shop Jill Thompson
 Playground  Kerry Franklin
Fund-Raising Committee:
Vicky Bellamy Diana Gibbons
Valley Conservation Group
Angus Idle  John Beveridge
John Moorby
Land Registry Trustees
TBC  Derek Ransom